Mistral Windsurfing – Premiummarke für Surfboards

Mistral ist eine Premium-Windsurfingmarke, die seit 2008 ihren Hauptsitz in den Niederlande hat und von Anders Bringdal geleitet wird. Anders Bringdal ist ein bekannter Windsurfer mit Erfolgen in den weltgrößten Windsurfwettkämpfen, er fuhr bis zum Jahre 2000 als Profi-Windsurfer in der PWA Windsurftour mit. Die Marke Mistral bietet ein breites Produktangebot in den Sportarten Windsurfen, Kiteboarding, Segeln, Wavesurfing, Fashion und Wintersport an. Im Windsurfingbereich ist Mistral besonders für hochwertige, innovative Boards bekannt.

Mistral produziert eine breite Palette an Windsurfboards für alle Einsatzbereiche. Hier einige Infos zur Windsurfmarke Mistral von Anders Bringdal persönlich:

My name is Anders Bringdal. For those of you who do not know me, I sailed as a professional windsurfer on the PWA tour from 1986 to 2000. I won the slalom world title and the course race title and reached third in the wave Discipline. Robby Naish, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, and I had many spectacular battles and the three of us were in the top ranking for over ten years. Since 2000 I have been doing some promotional events and focusing on growing my Brand AB+ boards while continuing as an active windsurfer, sailing as often I can.

As of July 1, I am the new license holder of Mistral Boards. It is a new page for Mistral and a great honor for me to be taking the reigns of the prestigious brand. I see a lot of great things in the future of the brand as well as for me. The new Mistral Boards will be made in a factory in Vietnam from the best materials, and the quality is excellent. My top priority has always been to ensure that the boards hold up well and retain their original shape for the longest possible time. As well as pushing the limit of our sport, my focus is “Performance through simplicity.”

Right now I am in the process of designing and producing a completely new range of boards, which aligns closely with my existing Brand AB+ Line, namely the slalom and speed lines. I am now in the design phase of the new Free Ride and Wave lines, which will see the light of day in a few months’ time. I am also very pleased to work with my friend Ernstfried Prade. Ernstfried has been associated with Mistral for twenty-five years and is in many ways the heart of the brand.

Together we’ll bring the Mistral brand back to the market with a new look, anew feel, and the performance to match. Regarding the new boards’ look, the concept involves making a radical departure from the past—the recent past, that is. We will return to Mistral’s best years, to a design that doesn’t become dated from season to season but instead retains its value over a longer time horizon and gives buyers confidence that they are getting a fantastic board, a Mistral board. Best regards, Anders Bringdal

Mehr Informationen bekommt Ihr auf der Website von Mistral, die ihr hier findet: Mistral Boards

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