Der Caution Spitfire 2011 – rassiger SLE C-shape Hybrid Kite und tolles Kitesurf Video.

In diesem Video seht Ihr den neuen Kite von Caution Kiteboarding. Er nennt sich Spitfire und kommt für das Jahr 2011 als SLE C-shape hybrid Kite mit erstklassiger Performance und top Stabilität.

Hier noch einige Informationen von der Website von Caution:

Introducing the 2011 Spitfire, our latest SLE C-shaped hybrid that’s guaranteed to make you fall in love with Caution all over again. Our R&D team was so confident that the 2011 Spitfire will be one of those epic models that offers our customers break through performance, ease of use, and durability, that we named it after our classic C-kite that first got Caution it’s notoriety for durability and performance in the old school days. The 2011 Spitfire blends our two kite platforms for 2010 into one well balanced, high performance wing that delivers super stable „no way this thing’s falling out of the sky“ flying characteristics merged with fast turning and across the window flying speed. In terms of construction, the 2011 Spitfire continues in the legacy of Caution’s bullet proof design, with some additional features to increase performance and durability. Check out the 2011 Spitfire, the flame continues strong.


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